Who is Don Mariachi

Since I was a little boy, I have been fascinated by sparkling stones and shiny metals. My 20-year career as a dental technician reinforced my enthusiasm for different materials and love for details. Therefore, in 2020 I decided to take a new path and turned my passion into a profession.

In August 2021, I passed the journeyman’s exam, and in May 2022 the master’s exam to become a gold- and silversmith.

During this time, I also started my own gemstone-cutting business.


My top priority is to combine my ideas, visions, and craftsmanship skills with the individual dreams of my customers.To make this happen and preserve the character of High Jewellery I will give each piece my full attention.

Sustainability Efforts

I make sure that the Gemstones I work with are mined and traded as sustainably and transparently as possible. Therefore, I mainly buy rough stones that I cut myself. Unfortunately, a hundred percent guarantee for sustainable and transparent stones is still limited, so I minimize the possibilities of exploitation as much as possible. Therefore I sometimes harvest stones myself.

I work exclusively with recycled gold and silver which is processed by a German gold refinery.